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IDEAS Summer Camps In Louisville, KY

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IDEAS Summer Camps Is Offered At:

Montessori School of Louisville
10263 Champion Farms Dr.
Louisville, KY 40241

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IDEAS Summer Camps Location at Montessori School of Louisville (MSL)

MSL includes four early childhood, two lower elementary, one upper elementary, and one middle school classrooms. Each space is uniquely designed to meet the developmental needs of our community. MSL serves over 180 students, their families, and 30 full-time employees, representing a 500% enrollment growth in just nine years.

The campus is just minutes from downtown Louisville.

IDEAS Camps Is Conveniently Located:

  • 15 minute drive from downtown Louisville, KY
  • 15 minute drive from the I-265 Interchange
  • 18 minute drive from the Cherokee Gardens


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About Our Host Campus: Montessori School of Louisville

MSL’s educational model is based on the interdependent relationship between the child, teacher, and parent within a prepared environment. MSL’s teachers understand that each student is unique in their abilities. Learning is guided through hands-on lessons with Montessori materials. Students are allowed to explore and extend their lessons until they feel satisfied. It is through their self-motivation and desire to learn that they have a true mastery of concepts.

MSL have core beliefs as educators which have been established for over a decade and are reviewed annually by the community of stakeholders:

  • MSL maintains a commitment to the founding principles and philosophies of Montessori education.
  • All children have an innate drive and ability to learn. The educational community should follow the child and meet each child’s needs.
  • Each child has a preferred learning style and progresses at an individual rate. The teacher must assess the child in an ongoing way and facilitate growth by challenging the learner.
  • The role of the teacher is to facilitate learning in a safe, secure, stimulating environment that promotes freedom of choice, encourages trial of new experiences and promotes learning.
  • Parental involvement is integral to a child’s academic, social and emotional success.
  • Each teacher has a commitment to growth that is exemplified by an ongoing personal development both in education theory and practice.
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We’re Hiring – Apply Today!

IDEAS Camps Is Seeking Proactive and Positive Instructors.

Our #1 goal is to hire the most qualified, positive, inspirational, team-oriented teachers and educators to be summer camp instructors with a passion for camp, children, fun and personal development.

Working at IDEAS Summer Camps is more than simply a traditional seasonal or part time job. Join the IDEAS Camp family and experience an environment full of care, development, value, attention to detail, and the common goal of working together as a team. Working at IDEAS Camps provides you with a unique learning experience as well as advancement opportunities for senior leadership positions in future summers.